26 GNAI- New Year, new me.

So excited to show you my mani for New Year, new me as it's my first successful drag marble!! Yaay go me! I was so happy with this, especially my ring finger. I've tried to do it a few times before but could just never get it right.

The base colour is Galahad from A England that my lovely friend Sam bought me for Christmas. I painted my nails with only one thin layer as I did the mani on my Uber Mat. On the mat I put down a thickish coat of Galahad within the nail guides and straight over it I added a cross shape of The Blessed Damozel., also from A England. 
To create the design I used a Pure Color Watermarble tool and swirled from the outsides, in. That probably doesn't make sense lol so here's a little tutorial that helped me!

Doing this mani has made me realise that I need to try new things more and more until I get them right, rather than just giving up after a few attempts. The ring finger was the last one I did and that came out the best so it proves that you just have to keep trying.

So hopefully this year you'll see more new things from me! Anything in particular that you would like me to try?! Let me know :) 

Bye for now x

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