Uber Chic Love and Marriage 03 & Party Time - Nail-Artisan review

So today should be my first 26 GNAI post of 2017 but I had to postpone that until Tuesday as I have new Uber Chic goodies to show you!!! Alex from Nail-Artisan sent me 2 new single plates and a new collection, number 14 to review. I just have the two single plates to share with you guys today and they are so much fun! Collection 14 will be up next Friday.

I'll start with my favourite plate, Love and Marriage 03.  As you can expect from this series of plates, there's lace, hearts, cherubs and even some cute bees! We have more options for layering which I love. Now..I was having a bad day when I did manis for these plates, but luckily I found time to do a new one for this plate which I absolutely love! I can't say the same for my Party Time mani but we'll come to that.

For the base of this design I used China Glaze White on White and a three colour gradient using all Models Own polishes. Candyfloss, Pink Blush and Lilac Flush. Then I just used some simple black stamping to go over the top. I didn't put the little hearts on my ring finger to begin with but I felt it needed something and I feel like they complete the design nicely.

Now for the Party Time plate, which is a new theme for Uber Chic. It's full of fun hats, balloons, party streamers and more! I also love how we have more "Happy Birthday" style images including a layered cupcake..that will definitely come in handy!

So like I said I didn't have time to re-do a mani for this plate so please forgive me for this mani lol as I am not overly happy with it. My vision was for bright neon party nails but it just didn't look right.
I used a variety of neon stamping polishes and mixed them all together for the balloons. The present on my pointer is pink with white layered over the top but the top coat made the white stamping go pink :/
Base colour is Black Forest by Barry M.

Aside from my Party Time mani, I really love these plates and my gradient mani. I will definitely be using the Party Time plate again as it will be handy for birthday manis!

The single plates will be £12.25 each and the collection is £20.40. Go check them out at Nail-Artisan now!

Go folllow Nail-Artisan on their social media channels

Bye for now x

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