Esmaltes Da Kelly Stardust Collection - Swatches and review

Ooohhh there's a lot of glitter in today's post people!! I am digging the Stardust collection by Esmaltes Da Kelly, which was sent to me for review by Nail-Artisan. The collection consists of 12 polishes and I have 6 of them to show you all.

All swatches have a top coat applied.

First up is Red. This is is a lovely polish with a red tinted jelly base. It's packed with scatted holo glitter and it's actually opaque in two coats!  

My next swatch is Silver. This is a stunning silver holo in a clear base. I applied mine by painting it on and got this coverage with three coats. 

I really really loved how Pink came out! It's got a pink tinted jelly base and has scatted holo glitter. I was even more surprised that it was opaque in two coats.

Magenta is a very purpley pink. It has a purple tinted jelly base and scatted holo glitter. Another two coater!! 

Royal Blue is a micro glitter in a clear base. I think there's a small amount of holo glitter in there but it's very subtle. This is three coats painted on and I think this would look better sponged on.

Lastly we have Purple. This is a funny polish to capture because the base is a purple tinted jelly but the glitters are more blue looking with some scatted holo glitter. So this makes it look more blurple looking. Two coats again for opacity.

So that's 6 polishes from the Stardust collection! Before I started swatching these I didn't think I was going to like them as I'm not a massive glitter fan. I can't be bothered with the removal, unless you use a peel off base of course. However, these polishes completely changed my mind!! Especially the jelly based ones as they went on like a dream and amazing how they were opaque in just two coats.

 The polishes in this post are all £8.50 each at Nail-Artisan.

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Bye for now x

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