Kelly Negri Stamping plate review

Hey guys! Hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend. Mine was quite quiet really. My dad was here helping us do some work on the house and then I saw my grandparents, mum and sister on Sunday. So a nice family filled weekend!
Alex from Nail-Artisan recently sent me lots of Esmaltes Da Kelly goodies to try out and review and that included some Kelly Negri stamping plates.

Plate sizes are 8 x 8cm and average image sizes are 1.5cm x 2cm but some are larger.

I love dandelion images as they are so pretty and delicate so I knew I needed to use this image from plate KN5. This plate is full of pretty flowers and would be great for leadlighting. I stamped over Magenta from EDK and I used Colour Alike, Kind of White.

Everyone likes mermaid images right?! This mermaid scale type image is from KN4, which also has some cool flame images which would look awesome over a red and orange gradient! I stamped over Royal Blue from EDK using Glint of gold from Hit the Bottle.

With this image I tried to do a radial gradient with the stamping polishes and it can be tricky! It came out more square than round by hey...still pretty colours! This image is from KN2 which also has flowers and some optical illusion images. Stamping polishes are all Colour Alike, B.a Mint, B.a Blue Sky and B.a Berry Smoothie. Base colour is Silver from EDK.

I saved my favourite mani for last! This rose image from KN7 is just stunning and I am amazed at how perfect the pick up is and the coverage over that red. I did struggle with this image to begin with, as negative images need a different touch that the usual etching. Once I changed my scraping angle and used a firm scraper, the image was perfect! Base colour is Red from EDK and stamping polish is Kind of Black from Colour Alike.

I loved playing with these plates and it's made me change up my technique a bit too. When you use the same style plates for so long you become complacent and then when you try something new you think there must be something wrong with the new to you product...that's not always the case as I found out!

If you want to pick up these gorgeous plates, and many other Kelly Negri plates, you can get them at Nail-Artisan for £6.00.

Go follow Nail-Artisan below.

Bye for now x

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