Meet Me Over The Rainbow Bridge - A doggy tribute

Hey guys. Today's post is a bit of a sombre one. In our family we have had a few losses very recently, the four legged kind, and I wanted to give them my own little tribute post. Some people think dogs are just dogs but to us they are our family so it's heartbreaking when they cross to the rainbow bridge.

I had the perfect items for my tribute mani. Meet Me Over The Rainbow Bridge from Colours By Llarowe was make for our fur babies. I also stamped some cute image from Uber Chic Furry Best Friends plate. Unfortunately my black stamping polish wasn't playing nicely so I had a few missing bits in the images :(

I coloured in the little doggy on my stamper. I gave him a few black spots to represent our fur babies as they were black and white.

Now this wouldn't be a tribute without pictures of the lovely fur babies would it?!

Sparky was my Uncle, Auntie and cousin's dog. I didn't see her much as they live in Lancashire but I know they loved her very much.

Here are my grandparent's dogs, decorated by my sister with some lovely Christmas bows lol!! I did see Purdy and Poppet very often as my grandparents only live down the road from me so I often popped in to see the whole gang! They were also very much loved.

Bye for now x

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