Uber Chic Little Baby, St.Patrick's day and more...

It's Fri-yay...which means it's a great day for an Uber Chic release! I have two new plates to share with you today along with a new stamper and some holo goodness! Most of them items in today's post will be available in the UK from Nail-Artisan. Keep reading for more.

So the first plate I used was this mini plate called, St.Patrick's day. As you can see it's a plate dedicated to St.Paddy's day, which is the 17th of March so you have plenty of time to grab this plate ;p.

I applied Lust, from the For Your Nails Only - Cupid Collection as it was the perfect colour for the mani I had in mind. I also used CG White on White.
I wanted to used a mixture of images so I did some clovers, a horse shoe, a Celtic knot and the St.Patrick's Day image.

That last image didn't stamp too well unfortunalty but this was down to my error, not the plate. I went back the next day and tried some different polishes and the pick up was perfect. The black that I use is starting to get thick and gloopy, I need a new one!

The next plate is Little Baby and how could you not love this plate?! The images are so adorable aren't they. I could see this pate being very popular with nail techs for their clients.

When I saw those cute little animals I knew I needed to use them. I think the design I created would be perfect for someone who is just going to find out the sex of the baby! It's very neutral with the colours I choose. I also decided to smoosh blue and pink together on two nails, then stamp the question mark images, just for suspense lol!

Polishes used are Pretty Serious:
Mint  - Bunny Foo Foo
Yellow - Little Duckling
Pink - Fluffikins
Blue - Doodle Bug

Also Black and White Colour Alike stamping polish.

Uber Chic are also releasing this cute stamper! I've had a little go with it so far and it's pretty good. This will only be available direct from Uber Chic.

I also was surprised to receive this absolutely amazing Holographic Plate holder. This is just stunning! It's so much prettier in real life too as it's hard to photograph without my camera going nuts.
It holds 14 plates, 12 back to back, and 1 in each cover. The sleeves are really clear too, I mean like crystal clear, so you don't need to get the plates out to have a good look at them. This will be available for £19.99 from Nail-Artisan, but upon writing this review they are OOS.

And that concludes today's review guys. I don't have the links to hand for these items as I have written this review before the release...yes I am organised! Little Baby will be £12.25 and St.Patrick's day will be £6.50, both at Nail-Artisan.

Are you going to be picking any of the above up? x

Bye for now x

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