26 GNAI - Spring Animals

Don't you think that we sometimes take ourselves too serious?! So with that in mind I wanted to do some silly nail art with this week's 26 Great Nail Ideas prompt, Spring Animals. I did a fluffy chicken and a very questionable sheep lol!

As I was using flocking powder and cotton wool for my furry little animals, I used gel polish as a base. Code 124 from Candy Coat was the base for my blue sky and fluffy clouds. The I used Sugar White and Juicy Yellow from Pink Gellac for the other two nails. I added the flocking powder and cotton wool over my nail while the gel polish was wet and uncured. Once I was happy with the amount I had on, I popped my hand into my lamp. 

If you think the eyes look rubbish...that's because they are lol just circles of white card with a black dot in the middle.
I feel my sheep looks very questionable...more like a goat don't you think? lol in any case this was just a bit of fun and silly mani to brighten up your day. Plus I didn't have time to change my mind and do a better one!

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Bye for now x

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