Alternative Art Deco mani - Pretty Serious and Powder Perfect

Hey guys! Hope you are all well. We had such nice weather this weekend it's made me so ready for Spring, Summer and the colours that go with it! I did this mani a few weeks ago now but the colours are just perfect for my current mood!

I wasn't really sure where I was going with this mani to be honest and I didn't know how it would come out but I loved it! I used all three colours from the Bad Reputation collection by Pretty Serious and the stamped image is from the Art Deco pate by Powder Perfect. To create these I used the decal method. I love this plate! I called this an alternative art deco mani as you wouldn't really relate these colours to art deco things. 

For some reason this design sort of made me think of circus tents! I have no idea why lol I have a strange imagination.

What do you think of this mani?

Bye for now x

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