Trosani UK product review - Polish and gel kit

Happy Friday all! Yesterday was technically my Friday as I had the day off work today and spent it at Gomersal Park Spa with my mum and sister. I wrote this post earlier on this week but I can guarantee I had an amazing time....how can you not at a spa all day?!
Today I am showing you a new to me product...peel off gel polish. Trosani UK contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in trying their Ziplac peel off gel polish kit. I had to say yes as the concept really intrigued me. 

As you can see the Ziplac peel of gel polish kit comes with the basics. LED lamp, base and top coat, cleanser, Zip off, file, lint free wipes and even a handy hoof stick and corrector pen. 

Information from the site about this kit.

"This Ziplac range has helped open up new dimensions of nail polish products. The wide range of colours available ensures that there is a colour to suit everyone. It’s a step up from your single nail polish, helping create a chip free long lasting polish for up to 14 days. It sets under an LED lamp and cures within 60 seconds, so gone are the days when you needed to wait around for your nails to dry!
The ziplac products will help strengthen the natural nail by up to 10%.
The beauty of this product is that when you are ready to change your colour simply apply our Zipoff formula and peel away, no acetone required, leaving your nails damage free and ready for the next application.
The ziplac system is simple to use, and the products have been created with a smaller brush to help with a neater application."
I took my time to review this product as I wanted to do a wear test. I applied the polish as directed to both hands. There is a big difference in the application of the Ziplac compared to normal gel polish. Once you have done the usual cuticle prep, you need to buff the nails with a high shine nail file. This was provided separately to the kit as the file in the kit was a lot more course. 

I applied the base and top coat first and cured for 60 secs. The lamp turns off after 60 seconds so no need to count! Then I applied two coats of Fire Red to my nails, curing for 60 seconds in between coats. Finally I topped with the top coat and cleaned the tacky layer with the cleanser and lint free wipes.

Here's how Cindy looked at the start of the wear test.

And here she is 8 days later. I think the gel polish could have lasted longer but on the last day of this wear test I was doing a lot of painting and when I was cleaning the rollers and brushes, I must have got paint under the polish. You might actually be able to see the paint that got under my pointer and middle nails.

Click here to see the video of the removal process from my swatch hand.

I was also sent some lovely hand cream, cuticle oil and some nail polish to try out.

The hand cream was very nice and rubbed in lovely. I personally didn't like the smell but that is only because I'm not of fan of coconut type smells. 
The cuticle oil was very nice too. It is one that absorbs quite slow into the skin so I would be more inclined to use it on a night before bed.

This is Majesty from the regular nail polish section. It's a nice deep plumy purple that is nicely opaque in two coats.  It applied very nicely.

I topped it with the Nail Whitener top coat. 

I really loved the idea of peel off gel polish...it's a great time saver. However, I feel the product could be improved.

I felt the Ziplac brush was quite long, thick and flexible and because the polish is quite thick, the brush doesn't spread easily on your nail. This could just be a personal preference of mine.
I didn't feel like the top coat was as shiny as other gel top coats either.
The Ziplac bottles are 6ml and are priced at £12.69 so a bit pricey compared to normal gel polish. This is due to the fact that you don't have the same removal process. You don't need any cotton pads, acetone (which we know isn't great for our skin!) and you save time. However, you still do need a remover which is called Zipoff and it's £6.84 for 6ml.

I think it is a fab concept, I really do, but I feel it needs a little work to improve a few things. Maybe as I'm not afraid of gel polish removal, this wouldn't be the right product for me but I can see how it will appeal to people.

If you would like to try Ziplac for yourself, or any of the lovely cutilce oils and hand creams, then visit Trosani.

Bye for now x

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