Meebox - Miami Nice swatches and review

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I have a colourful post for you today. The awesome ladies at Meebox contacted me and asked if I would like to review March's box and I said yes! They must have read my mind as I was very tempted by the theme last month and almost bought it for myself for my birthday. The theme was Miami Nice and it actually reminded me a bit of the very first box in August 2015

So as you can see from the above picture, inside the box we were treated to three polishes, a crystal nail file, swatch sticks and some nail art items.

The first polish I swatched was the stunning Wet from Floss Gloss, an electric vibrant turquoise. I have had my eye on this polish for a long time now as I saw a swatch on Instagram and loved it. I was surprised about the size of the bottle though as it's quite small, only 5.5ml, and it would cost £7.95 from Nail Polish Direct.
I found the formula a tad tricky and was slightly streaky on the first and second coat but it was fine on the third. You only need two coats for the opacity but I needed a third to even it out. 

The next polish is a stunning dark plum/purple which is called Extravagant and it certainly is! Nailberry is a 5 free brand in the UK and they are also cruelty free and vegan friendly. Extravagant is part of their breathable nail polish range. I personally find this a really strange concept, as nails don't breathe. It's a very common myth! Apparently this polish allows air and moisture to pass through the polish, resulting in healthier nails. My questions is, how does it do that when you use a regular base coat under it and top coat over it? Surely that makes the polish redundant in that case? 
So aside from the above, which isn't a negative point by the way I just don't personally understand the need for breathable polish, is a great polish with a brilliant formula and was opaque in two coats.
This would be £14.50 for the 15ml bottle on Nailberry.

The last polish I swatched was Coral Canyon from Lauren B Beauty, which is an American brand so you can get this in the UK. This is a beautiful coral that give your skin a nice glow! The formula was ok with this one but I still used three coats. My only gripe was that it flooded my cuticles as a lot of polish got onto the brush. It was easily cleaned up though. This would be around £11.00 for the 14.8ml bottle.

Now for nail art if you are still with me lol!

I had never tried a glitter placement mani so I thought I would give it a go with these rhombus glitter pieces. I added it as a full nail on my pinky and just as accents on the rest. Extravagant was the base colours. The glitter pieces are from Charlie's Nail Art and they cost 75p.

Also from Charlie's Nail Art was some holograhpic nail foil, which is 39p. I used it as an accent nail for my Miami Vice inspired mani. The glasses and palm tree are from Lina Stamping Supplies Summer. I used all three polishes for this design. I also didn't top coat the foil as I don't have a suitable top coat apart from my gel polishes and I didn't want to use gel to seal in the mani. 

Last but not least is this award winning Leighton Denny mini crystal nail file. This isn't for resale but it would cost £8.50 so it's a great addition to this months box! It works brilliantly and you can even use it back to back with a "sawing" motion as it's specially designed for this!

The contents of this box total a whopping £43.09 and it was only £20! Now that's value for money. You can get the box a little bit cheaper too if you sign up to three months so it would be £18. I was really impressed with all the colours and the lovely nail art additions.

What do you think of this box? Do you think the contents suited the theme?

Don't forget to check out Meebox on the links below.

Bye for now x

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