Uber Chic Collection 15 - Nail-Artisan review

Sigh...back to the grind stone after a nice long weekend, always a killer that first day back isn't it? Oh well, just a few weeks until the next bank holiday!  Today I'm sharing a few manis with you using Collection 15 by Uber Chic Beauty.

Collection 15 is full of lovely floral images, geometric images and even some cute birdies! The full size images measure 17mm x 21mm and smaller single images are down the middle of each plate. 

For my first mani I used 15-03 for a psychedelic type design! The base was China Glaze Plur-ple and I stamped with Chuvisco by EDK and Drunk Pink Tank by HTB. Chuvisco didn't look as neon as I hoped it would over the base but I still like the end look.

My next mani is a more simple one. I stamped some beautiful butterflies from 15-01 over Holographic Lights. For some reason I only took the one picture of this mani and I don't know why as it was lovely! I love how delicate the butterflies look over the base!

I ended up doing another mani with plate 15-03 as I really liked this image. I'm not sure why but it reminded me of stained glass. I also have an obsession with this Barry M polish! I used Mirage and Paradise by For Your Nails Only to colour in the images. 

This is the mani that I did with 15-02 which I posted about last week. I'm so amazed that this design got so much attention! The video tutorial was shared by a few Facebook pages and one was Cute Polish! OMG! I did love how it came out but I didn't expect it to be that popular.

So what do you guys think of this collection? I really liked it! If you want to pick it up from Nail-Artisan it is £20.40. You can also check out all the other Uber Chic goodies on offer!

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Bye for now x

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