Uber Chic Unicorn Love and Texture-licious - Nail-Artisan review

Hey guys! I hope you had a lovely weekend. We bought a seat for our garden and enjoyed a bit of the sun! 
I have some exciting Uber Chic goodies to show you today. They did an epic release recently and here's two of the items. A new Texture-licious plate and the most exciting thing ever..Unicorn Love!!

I was super excited when Unicorn Love arrived at my door! I mean...just look at all those images! I am going to have a lot of fun with this one.

The Texture-licious 2 plate is a mini one and it's got some cool images and words!

I hate being sick but it would certainly make it easier if I puked rainbows haha!! I am in love with Unicorn Love! There's so many amazing images on this plate and you could make so many different designs. I love the DIY rainbow image so I had to use that for my first mani. The base colour is the gorgeous 24 Karat Diamond from Fun Lacquer. I used numerous stamping polishes.
Colour Alike - B.a Blue Ocean and B.a Sunshine
Esmaltes Da Kelly - Bruce, Tuco, Joana
Hit The Bottle - Let's Go To The Peach
Pueen Black

Graffiti anyone?! I created this mani using both Texture-licious mini plates. The brick image and words are from the new one. The reason I chose to use these words was that I felt they related to me! I used to dream and hope that one day people would come to read all the rubbish I write lol and that I would be able to review for the companies that I love and here I am. So thankful of where I am and the lovely friends that have helped me get here <3
Base colour is Dead Heat from Barry M and I stamped with EDK, Bruce, Kaa, Chuvisco and Essence Black.

So what do you think of these plates guys?! I do love the Texture-licious 02 but nothing can beat a full size plate full of everything Unicorn related images. I have so many ideas for this one plate...I feel people might get sick of me if I do them all lol.

If you want to grab these plates you can get them from Nail-Artisan, as well as lots of other Uber Chic goodies. The Texture-licious plate is £6.50 as it's a mini and Unicorn Love is £12.25.

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Bye for now x

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