Madam Glam swatches and review

*Press samples

Hello fabulous people! I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend. Mine was lovely and relaxed and now I have this week off work, woohoo!! Madam Glam recently contacted me again to see if I would like to do another review for them. Madam Glam have a huge range of gel polishes and also some regular nail polishes. I would say they are a boutique brand as they aren't an indie but they aren't mainstream either. I'm going to be sharing a few gel polish swatches today.


26 GNAI - Lilac, pink and gold

Hey guys. I hope your week has been ok. It's been a very strange and sad week with the incident that happened in Manchester and I think it will stay with us all forever.
I have a 26 great nail art ideas post to share today and It's just going to be a short quick one.


Twi-Star inspired Mermaid mani with @theonenailqueen

Happy hump day peeps! Hope your week is going well. I have a cool post to share today. My friend Sam and I randomly decided to do a twin mani and it was last minute but I love how the came out! We used a mani that Twi-Star did as inspiration and of course we had to use her collab plate with Bundle Monster.


IZ Beauty of London review, swatches and nail art

Hey guys. Sorry I missed Friday's post. Our family cat went missing last Tuesday so the week was a bit busy and stressful looking for her and wondering what had happened. On Friday she just turned up in the garden, sat on the seat as if nothing had happened! A lit bit dirty and with a poorly eye but ok. If only animals could talk eh?! I never got chance to write this post so I pushed it on to today and there will be three posts this week.
I was recently sent a box full of goodies from IZ Beauty Of London to swatch and review. It included five nail polishes and a few nail art items. 


Lina Make Your Mark 04 - Nail-Artisan review

Hey guys! I hope you had a great weekend. Lina is back with another Make Your Mark plate, number 4, and boy it's a good one! I think out of all the themes she has done, this has been the best. Everyone really seems to love these ones including me! 


26 GNAI - Yellow and one bold colour

Hey guys. Hope you are all well today. Today's 26 Great Nail Art Ideas is all about that yellow, and a bold colour. I actually used the yellow as my bold colour I guess as this neon is so damn bright! Then I stamped in black which is also a bold colour right?!


Uber Chic Collection 17 - Nail-Artisan review

Hey guys. Hope you had a lovely weekend. I spent mine relaxing really, spending time with my grandparents and writing up this week posts! I like to be organised when I can.
This post today is about Uber Chic Collection 17. This is a great collection with some cool images! We have layering, geometric, watermarble and more!


Jessica Glowing With Love Collection - swatches, review and nail art

Woohoo we made it through the week guys! I don't know about you but it feels like it's been a tough one even though it was a bank holiday on Monday. Counting the days till the next one lol.
I have a beautiful new collection to share with you guys from Jessica Nails called Glowing With Love. This collection is fit for any bride on their wedding day and it tells the story of a relationship. From the start of the romance, to the engagement and to the wedding <3


Uber Chic Collection 16 - Nail-Artisan review

Hey guys. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent a bit of time with my mum and sister on Sunday down at the market in Brighouse. I made sure I was home Before Tour De Yorkshire came through though lol they closed the roads off for the bikes so it was a bit awkward getting around. 
Today I have a review of Uber Chic Collection 16. This collection has some lovely inspirational words, geometric patterns and of course florals.