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Hello fabulous people! I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend. Mine was lovely and relaxed and now I have this week off work, woohoo!! Madam Glam recently contacted me again to see if I would like to do another review for them. Madam Glam have a huge range of gel polishes and also some regular nail polishes. I would say they are a boutique brand as they aren't an indie but they aren't mainstream either. I'm going to be sharing a few gel polish swatches today.

Purplexed is a lovely shimmery purple and it was opaque in two coats. Due to the finish of this polish you can see some brushstrokes. I cured this under my LED lamp for 30 seconds and added a no wipe top coat. 

Purple Pink is what is says on the tin..a purple with pink undertones. I loved this colour so much! It is a gorgeous creme and was opaque in two coats. I cured this in my LED lamp for 30 seconds and added a no wipe top coat. 

Boyfriend Style is a bit of a strange one..it's a hybrid! You can cure it under the lamp but you can also let it air dry!! How cool is that?! I actually had difficulties curing it so I left it to air dry like regular polish and got better results. Boyfriend Style is actually a cool light blue but I feel on my swatches it is coming across a bit lilacy. With the Madam Glam Metallics you have to add a layer of base coat and then a clear no wipe top coat as it helps make the surface of your nail smooth which in turn will help the metallic effect to be stronger. Swatch is three coats and no wipe top coat.

I was really intrigued by the Cats Eye Madam Glam gel polishes as I've seen loads of amazing swatches on Instagram so I was so excited when this one arrived. Dress Code Blue is a stunning deep midnight blue. You have a magnet, that you need to order separate, and you hover it over the nail while the polish is still uncured. I found I had to do two nails and then cure because if I did all nails with the magnet, by the time I got to my last nail, the cat eye effect had gone on the first nail. So at least if you don't like the pattern you created, you just need to leave it and it will go back to normal :)
With the application on this you just apply a black base coat and cure and then add the Cat eye gel over the top. I did one coat of black gel polish and one coat of Dress Code Blue.

So guys what do you think of these items? All the gel polishes are $19.95 which is currently around £15.00. i think they have some really cool affect and they are very nice to work with. 

Make sure to go check our Madam Glam as the below sites.

Bye for now x 

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