Uber Chic mini plates - Fourth of July and and Garden Love

Woohoo it's Friday guys and I'm so excited as I'm off to a spa tomorrow with one of my best friends! So looking foward to a girly day. Tonight on the blog I have two new Uber Chic mini plates to show you. Fourth Of July and Garden Love.

As you would expect, Fourth Of July, is full of patriotic images but you could use some of the images, like the stars, at any time of the year.  

I went all patriotic and did a red, white and blue smoosh mani. The polishes were all from China Glaze. Flame-Boyant, Blanc Out and Frostbite. The black and red stamping polish is from Twinkled T, a full review coming soon, and the blue is from Colour Alike.

Garden Love is perfect for those of you who have green thumbs! It's absolutely packed full of cute little images from grass, to leaves to shovels. I love how it mainly has smaller images that you can combine to make different designs.  

As soon as I saw Compost Happens, I knew I needed that in my design lol I think that's fab! So I kind of created a little story without knowing and it's quite relevant to life. One day you are walking along minding your own business, appreciating all the good things in life. The beautiful blue sky, the pretty butterflies and then boom...... compost happens!! haha! You just have to dig it up and start again.
Well, lets face it, I ain't winning any awards for short story of the year but I had fun doing these!

I created the dirt looking nails by using a base of Virago Bare and then sponging bits of Disrobed on, also by Virago. The blue is Doodle Bug from Pretty Serious.
I used a variety of polishes for the stamping.
Colour Alike - Black and White 
Hit The Bottle - Drunk Pink Tank, Emeralds Are Forever, Holo There Beautiful and Musk Have The Holo
Sparklea - Ghost Train
Pretty Serious - Fluffikins

Both of these Uber Chic mini plates are available from Nail-Artisan from £6.50. 

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Bye for now x

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