26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Sunshine

Today's post is a hard one to write but I feel I need to do it. This week's 26 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge is Sunshine and I had this idea right from the start around a year ago when the themes were first announced. My Gran and Gar always called me their Sunshine, mainly my Gran, and she would sing this song to me when I was little. I even have an Elephant teddy that used to hum the tune. I wore it out so much my Gar fixed it a few times it but it broke a long time ago. This Monday he passed away unexpectedly and we are all so heartbroken.

If you hadn't already guessed my Gar is actually my Grandad. When I was young I apparently shouted him and all that came out was Gar lol so it stuck and it feels strange to refer to him as Grandad.

I loved him so much and I can't believe I won't see him again.

So this post is now a tribute to him. I'm said I didn't get the chance to show this to him but I know he is still with us <3    

Items used:
Pink Gellac - Wonderful Blue and Cloudy Blue
Power Perfect - Art Deco
Uber Chic - 2-03, 12-01, 12-03
Lina Stamping Supplies - All About Love
Colour Alike - Kind of White, Kind of Black, B.a Red Dragon, B.a Sunshine

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Make sure to always tell your loved ones that you love them. Life is too short xx

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