Meebox Ibiza mee - swatches and review

You might need your sunnies for today's post guys! I was sent the Ibiza mee Meebox to swatch and review this month and it was packed full of items. As you would expect from the theme, Ibiza mee, we had some neons! Yay for neons! In the box were three full size polishes, a mini white base coat (neon activator) and two nail art items. So lets get into the swatches.

First up we have Claridge Gardens, a super bright neon pink. This is part of the Stay Bright Neon Collection from Nails Inc which is the worlds first non-fade neon apparently. However, I don't wear my polishes long enough to test the fading lol. I applied a thickish coat of the Neon Activator and had to do three coats of Claridge Gardens. It was a tad streaky but application was fine and evened out after the three coats.  

Models own Beach Hut is a neon orange and oh my word it is bright! It freaked my camera out and made my fingers look orange too. I tried to make myself look more human without altering the colour of the polish. The application on this one was amazing! I added the neon activator but in all honesty it didn't really need it. This was two coats over the white.

Mirajane by Zoya was a bit of an awkward one. It's a bight navy blue but I don't think I would class it as your typical neon. It is part of a neon collection but for me it's not neon, bright..yes, but neon...no. Also, the formula is on the tricky side. I needed three coats over the white base coat and I found it quite watery on the first coat but after that had dried it looked a lot better.

This is the nail art I created with the NCLA nails wraps and the IZ Beauty decals. The wraps were only just big enough for my nails and unfortunately didn't sit well as my nails are quite curvy. I like how the line decals just finish the look and make it clean and crisp.

Price comparisons
Claridge Gardens - £13.50 on Feel Unique
Neon Activator - £7.00 on Look Fantastic
NCLA End of Summer nail wraps - $16 on NCLA
Mixed Colour Striping Decals - £4.00 on IZ Beauty of London

If you were to buy all these items separately it would cost you around £50! Plus any postage from each site if it's not free. Meebox is only £20 per month, which includes delivery, so you get so much for your money, as you can see!

I did a swatch video of these polishes which you can find on my instagram. Quite a few of my nail buddies had made a comment that the formula's were tricky so I thought if I did a swatch video, people can see for themselves :)

What did you think of this months box? Would you buy it?

Don't forget to check out Meebox on the links below.

Bye for now x

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