Twinkled T Stamping Polish review

Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard that Twinkled T have started selling their own stamping polishes! I saw Twi-Star do a swatch video and commented on how awesome they looked and then next thing you know..I had an email from Twinkled T! I was so honoured that they had asked if I would like to review these polishes so of course I had to say yes. They also sent me other items such as clean up brush, dotting tools, XL Clear stamper and the Glamour Mat. I've not had a chance to use the other items just but I'll be using them soon!

Firstly, how cute is this packaging?! I mean how can you resist unicorns. Great marketing with these. 

All swatches were done over black and white gel polish using Uber Chic Fairytale 02. I also used the Twinkled T XL Clear stamper and scraper.

So Extra is a vibrant gold colour and looks amazing over black! It looks better over white in real life but they glare was a bit over powering with the metallic polishes over white.

Lowkey is one amazing silver polish! I feel this showed up on camera really well over the white and black!  

Lit is a bright red that looks amazing over white but not so much over black unfortunately. 

Can't Even is such a pretty barbie pink! I love how this look over both the black and white and for a light pink it's got great coverage!

Vibin' is an awesome black with a killer coverage. It is stamped here on my pointer and ring finger. If you are looking for a one coater black polish, this is the one for you.

If you want a a great one coated white for nail art, you need Glow up. Here it is stamped on my middle and pinky. Just look how amazing it has covered the black on my pinky.

All these polished are $6 each and they now have a rainbow collection!

Make sure you go follow Twinkled T on the social media below so you can keep upto date with what's going on!

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