Uber Chic School is Cool and Fairytale 02 review

Hey lovely readers. I hope you had an ok week and have a nice weekend ahead of you. We have a garden party...but not one you would expect. lol I have a few family coming around to help us dig out the garden haha oh the joys of owning your own house and trying to save money by doing jobs yourself. Anyway, you're not here to hear about my social life, you're here for the plates! Today I have manis using two new plates by Uber Chic. Fairytale 02 and School is Cool.

It's been quite a while since Uber Chic released the first Fairytale plate so it's nice to have a follow up to that now, Fairytale 02.

I saw this cool scale image and thought it looked like dragon scales! So I used Black Forest by Barry M and applied Stop Flaking On Me, by Polish Me Silly, over the top. I then stamped in white stamping polish, Kind Of White and went over that with Andromeda. 

School is Cool is the perfect plate for doing back to school nails in September, if you're excited that is?! I know after over 10 years in the "real world" I would be excited to be at school again haha!

I absolutely loved how this mani came out! The crayons really pop over the white background. I used Blanc Out and then the following polishes to colour in the images. Just ignore that warped crayon on my pinky haha!

Virago Varnish -  Paradise Pool, Lifeguard Lagoon, I Just Can't Kelp it, Summer Highlighter of My Life, Booze Crusie and Tsunami Mommy.
Models Own - Beach Hut

What do you think of these plates?! They are both great items to have an you can make so many different manis with them.

If you fancy these plates you can get them form Nail-Artisan. Fairytale 02 is £12.25 and Back to School is £6.50.

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Bye for now x

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