Leighton Denny Precision Corrector

Hey guys. If you remember I posted last week about the Birds Of Paradise box from Meebox. Today I have a closer look at one of the items which is the Precision Corrector from Leighton Denny.

The Precision Corrector is nail polish remover fluid that comes in a lovely glass jar and has a small detail brush with it. There's also a plastic cap under the metal lid to ensure it doesn't leak. So this would be really good for travelling. The detail brush comes in handy for cleaning up the edges of the nails and to get that nice crisp polish line around your cuticle and sidewalls. It's really easy to use and I find it's not as drying in the skin like acetone is. It has more of an oily finish to it. 

You can use it to help create a few manis/designs. It can help you to create a nice crisp line for a french mani and it can also help you create a stone marble design!

Now...my technique isn't great as it was my first time trying it and in all honesty I would have been better using a grey rather than a black for the marble lines. That said, I was happy with my first go at this design.

I used After The Storm as the base and then applied a few lines of Black Forrest by Barry M using my Mitty Minty 0 brush. I dabbed the corrector brush over the black lines while it was loaded with the fluid. Then I dabbed off the brush onto a cotton pad and went back to the nail to smudge the polish and pick up the excess fluid. It was really easy and fun to do!

I added a few lines of For The Love Of Rose by Pretty Perfect Polish.

This handy little product is great and was a perfect addition to July's Meebox as a clean up brush is something all nail addicts should have! It's not always about painting your nail perfectly, that's what a clean up brush is for!

If you missed out of July's Meebox, the Precision Corrector is £12.00 on the Leighton Denny site.

Let me know what you think of this product and my mani!

Bye for now x

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