26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Autumn - Uber Chic Lovely Leaves

This is the penultimate 26 Great Nail Art Ideas post and it ties in perfectly with a plate review I need to do! The theme is Autumn and recently, Uber Chic released a new Lovely Leaves 02 plate and it is just beautiful. 

So many lovely images on this plate and once again I am loving the layering options.

This was the first mani I did with this plate and I wish I had done it as my last one so I could have kept it on! I loved it! The base colour is the gorgeous Can't Take The Sky from Pretty Serious.

 then used the following for the stamping.

Hit The Bottle - Absinthe Minded
Colour Alike - Red Dragon and Venus
Pueen - Black
Powder Perfect - Ornage
Virago - Disrobed

My next mani was a bit more plain but classy. I actually did this mani two weekends ago when I came back from holiday! So you may notice my hands are a little tanned and I decided to cut down my nails a bit. Sometimes they just need a bit of a chop don't they?!
I used two Autumnal shades from the new Street Style Collection by Jessica Nails. Haute Hoodie and Deliciously Distressed. I stamped with Twinkled T Gold - So Extra.

So what do you think of my designs? I really liked both of them but I think I preferred the first one!

You can get Lovely Leaves 02 from Nail-Artisan for £12.25 as well as lots of other Uber Chic items.

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Make sure you check out all the other Autumn posts below. Bye for now x

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