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Hey guys! So I was on holiday last week but you won't have known as I scheduled my posts to publish while I was away :) Normally people have guest posts while they are away but I did it a bit differently. This week I have two guest post while I get back into the swing of things after my lovely holiday to Tenerife, but more on that soon! Today's post is by the lovely Jen from Miss_Sock.

Hi guys, Sock here!
So the lovely Bethany kindly invited me to guest post on her blog and of course I jumped at the chance!  I wanted to do something fun, but living up to all the wonderful designs that Bethany has created – so I settled on these super cute watermarbled and reverse stamped Space Unicorn nails!

I used Feeling Blue, Lunar Grey and Pukka Purple from Models own, as well as Fur Coat No Knickers from Radioactive Unicorn as my super sparkly holo topper.  The reverse stamped image is from Creative Shop 66.  Read on to see how I created these step by step!

Step 1: To create my decal, I used a nail art mat and painted a layer of clear nail polish on, and let it dry.  

Step 2: Once my polish was dry, I stamped this cute unicorn onto the clear polish.  I used Mo-You London black stamping polish, and the Nail Artisan Tiffany Duo Clear stamper.

Step 3: I coloured in my decals with a variety of Models Own polishes using the Nail Artisan Fine Detail brush.

Step 4: Whilst the decals were drying, I started on my nails. I painted my nails with White Light from Models Own and allowed it to dry.  

Step 5: Using Models Own Pukka Purple, Feeling Blue and Lunar Grey, I created a swirly watermarble by first dragging my watermarble tool in a zig zag pattern, and then dragging a spiral out from the centre of the marble.

Step 6: I applied a good layer of liquid latex around my nails and carefully dipped my nails into the watermarbled polish.  Once the polish had dried for a few seconds, I carefully removed the latex

Step 7: I carefully removed my now dry decal from the mat using a long pair of tweezers

Step 8: I carefully positioned my decal on my nail, and patted it down with my finger.  I then used a small cuticle tool to push and cut the excess decal from around my nail, and finally cleaned up with a small angled brush dipped in acetone.

Step 9: Finally, I popped a thin layer of Fur Coat No Knickers over top of the watermarbled nails, and once dry I topped everything with Prism Polish’s Glaze Topcoat.

And that’s it!  I really loved how this design turned out, and I absolutely adore this cute little astronaut unicorn!  If you try this design, please do tag me over on Instagram, I’d love to see!

Thanks for sticking with me to the end, and a huge thanks to Bethany for having me on her blog!

Lots of Love,
Sock xXx

Thank you very much Jen for the fab post and this mani is just amazing. What more could you want, watermarle ✓ holo glitter ✓ reverse stamping ✓ astronaut unicorn ✓ !!

Make sure you go check out her instagram channel and give her a follow.

Bye for now x

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