Uber Chic Collection 20 - Nail art and review

Ooo it's finally Friday again! This week has been a bit of a tiring one. My work colleague has been on holiday so I've been busy but lonely :( and home life was been a bit hectic at the beginning of the week.  So it's safe to say I'm happy it's the weekend. Today's review is of Uber Chic Collection 20. This collection is bursting with lots of different items. Butterflies, flower, polish bottles, mandalas and so much more! 

This mani felt like lots of doodles! Anyone else getting that vibe? 
I used Barry M Holographic Lights as the base and then use some cute flower images from plate 01. I used all 6 colours from the Carnival Collection by Sparklea. This has definitely been the polish collection of 2017 for me!

I saw the words "life is too short for BORING nails" and just knew I had to pair it with a bright neon gradient..so that's exactly what I did! These images are all from plate 02.
I did actually use 4 polishes but the yellow and green at the top just seem to merge into each other an you can really see the yellow.

Virago Varnish - Summer Highlighter Of My Life and Just Can't Kelp It
Models Own - Alright Turquoise and Impervious Pink

My friend Sam did a gorgeous white to purple gradient a little while ago and I loved it! So I wanted to give it a go and went with China Glaze Blanc out and Virago Varnish Tsunami Mommy and loved the outcome! I saw these lovely wavy lines from plate 03 and decided to stamp them over the gradient once I had added a dusting of China Glaze Fairy Dust.
I think this image could be passed off as waves in the sea too!

I really did love this collection and I loved each mani I did. It's a close call between my 2nd and 3rd mani...what do you think??

You can get Collection 20 from Nail-Artisan for £20.40 as well as lots of other Uber Chic items.

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Bye for now x

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