Uber Chic - Zombie love 2 review

Well it's been an epic week for Uber Chic hasn't it?! New Halloween plate, new Lovely Leaves plate, Collection 20 and now the most exciting one of them all...Zombie Love 2!! 

I have been waiting for a new Zombie Love plate for what seems like forever and it did not disappoint. I just love all the images on this plate and also the fact that there are so many that relate to The Walking Dead's characters. 

First off I went with a Daryl inspired mani and of course I had to Ain't Nobody's Bitch from The Unexpected Walking Dead collection that I collaborated on with Pretty Prefect Polish. The stamping is little bit hard to see on camera as the base is so shiny so I mattified it in the next picture. 

I just love these wings and they are just like from the back of Daryl's jacket. 

How could I not use the bat and blood splatter from this plate in conjunction with more polishes from TUWD collection?! This is She's Thirsty, Lucille's polish, and The Saviour, Negan's polish. Don't you just love Negan?! He's a character we love to hate and I think he's just what the show needed to spice thing up a little.

Doing these manis and seeing this awesome plate has really got me in the mood for The Walking Dead which will be back soon! As always Uber Chic do no disappoint and the are so awesome at the theme plates!

You can get Zombie Love 2 from Nail-Artisan for £12.25 as well as lots of other Uber Chic items.

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Bye for now x

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