Engagement Nails!!

When I reviewed Uber Chic Collection 22 and did my 3D jewel nails it gave me an idea! My boyfriend and I got engaged in September and I realised that, with all the plates I have, I haven't actually done any engagement nails!

I went with Bubblegum Pink by Pink Gellac as my base as I was feeling a bit girly! Using the layered jewel images on Uber Chic 22-01, I made a ring on my nail! I stamped the base image and then added builder gel over it and cured. I then added some Diamond Silver by Pink Gellac over it and then cured. I finished with the other layered jewel images, which corresponds to this particular shape base. I also freehanded a band using Barry M Silver foil.

The other images are all from Uber Chic Love and Marriage 01 and I stamped them first with Barry M Silver Foil and then layered over then with the same image, using As Black as Night from Hit The Bottle.

Here's a close look at the 3D ring!! 

And here's a look at the nails and my ring! I absolutely loved this design and I think it's a cool idea as engagement nails! I've not seen them before :)

Bye for now x

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