Red Carpet Manicure - Swatches and review

Hey guys. Hope you had a good weekend. This week I will have three posts for you as last week I didn't get chance to publish this post on Friday. Last week was a busy and mad one.
Today's post is a review of the Red Carpet Manicure starter kit and the Fiji collection.

Firstly lets take a look at the starter kit. It comes with a Pro LED light, Purify Pre and Post cleanser, Prep max adhesion sanitizer, Structure base coat, Creme De La Creme gel polish, Brilliance Seal and Shine top coat, Revitalize cuticle oil, Erase gel polish remover, 20 Remover wraps, 20 Lint wipes, 5 Orange wood sticks, Cuticle and Pro Buffing stick, 2 Adhesion buffing tap strips and an emery board. 
All that for £69.95 currently! That's great value don't you think?

To apply the gel polish the instructions tell you to start by buffing the nail with the Pro Buffing stick but I don't like to do this as it damages the surface of the nail. So I skip this part and and start with the Purify Pre and Post cleanser applied to a lint wipe. Then you need to dehydrate the nail using Prep max adhesion sanitizer, which air dries in a few seconds. Then you apply the Structure base coat and cure in the lamp for 30 seconds. Once this is cured you apply the gel colour, Creme De La Creme and cure each layer for 45 seconds. Then you finish with Brilliance top coat which also cures in 45 seconds.
You will be left with a tacky layer which needs to be removed with the Purify Pre and Post cleanser, applied to a lint wipe.

Here's three coats of Creme De La Creme. 

When it comes to removal, you need to use the emery board to break the seal of the top coat. Then apply some of the Erase remover to one of the remover pads and wrap it around your nail. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then you should be able to take the wraps off and gently push the gel off with the orange stick. Then you need to finish off with cuticle oil and you're ready for your next mani.

Now onto the Fiji Fever Summer Collection. All swatches are 3 coats.

Neon Nights is a neon orange. 

Beach Queen is a neon purple.

Cabana Bonanza is a sheer neon red.

Paparazzi Proof is a neon blue.

Shake Your Beach Bum is a neon pink.

Summer Glow is neon yellow.

All the colours are £12.95 each. They would probably look better over a white base coat I think but I didn't have time to try this as well.

Unfortunately I haven't had time to do a wear test, which I usually like to do when reviewing gel polish brands. However, I did use RCM when I first dived into the nail world and I can say that is does last well and it isn't a bugger to remove unlike some brands lol.

This would be a fab Christmas present to someone interested in doing their own nails!

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Bye for now x

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