Uber Chic Love & Marriage 04 review

Well hello guys and happy new year to you!! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year. Don't worry, I haven't gone MIA! I've just taken a little break over the festive period and have decided that I will still write on my blog, but for mainly reviews only. Life is just to hectic right now but in a good way :)

So today I have a little review of the recent Love and Marriage 04 plate by Uber Chic from Nail-Artisan. A plate dedicated to love and all things sweet! Full of hearts, lace and even bunnies this time!

My first mani was a bit on the wild side! I used Bettie Pain Hour Of The Wolf for the base for a tough looking base colour. These images and words just really stuck out to me and I love how I compiled them together. I used Colour Alike Kind Of White and Red Dragon.

I didn't really like how this design came out at first when I did the base stamping so I added the hearts and I felt like it completely changed the design and I loved it! I used Ask The Magic 8 Ball from NCLA as the base and used two different pinks and purples for the stamping, neons and pastels. The neons were Chuvisco and Tuco from Esmaltes Da Kelly and then Berry Smoothie and Sweetheart from Colour Alike as the pastels. I did a gradient with them and alternated the colours between nails. I added the layered hearts over the gradients, using the opposing colours. A really simple mani that came out quite nice :) The black is As Black As Night by Hit The Bottle.

I hope you enjoyed this little review! If you liked the Love and Marriage plate 04 by Uber Chic, you can get it from Nail-Artisan for only £12.25.

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Bye for now x

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