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Happy Friday all!! Well it's been a snowy week this week hasn't it!? It's been lovely but I haven't enjoyed walking to work lol. I have something better than snow on the blog today.... Uber Chic Collection 24! I love love this collection and it has something a bit exciting on plate 1.

I think this is the first layered image I have seen that makes two different images! There's two base images and then the outline. The outline is the image in the middle and you can see both images pointing to it. The image to the left creates a normal image but the one to the bottom right creates a negative image. Cool or what?!

You can see both layered butterfly images from 24-01 stamped in this mani! The regular image is on my pinky and the negative image is on my pointer. I used the lovely Blur of Azure from Wikkid Polish as the base and also Ask The Magic 8 Ball from NCLA. Two stamping polishes are from Hit The Bottle. As Black As Night and High Voltage. The blue butterfly is Rainy Mood from Colour Alike. I also stamped some appropriate working from this plate. 

I went with a pretty and simple design from 24-02. There's some lovely rose images which I stamped over Lyra from Pretty Serious.

This is the base for my last mani! I saw Claire Estelle on Instagram do a marble design and I loved it so I gave it a go, Not bad for my first attempt. The colours I used are:
Wikkid Polish - Ice Ice Baby (base on my nails)
NCLA - Ask The Magic 8 Ball
Pretty Serious - Doodle Bug
A England - Whispering Waves

I picked a few swirly, flowery images from 24-03 for the stamping. I love the single flower image on my pinky!

 If you liked Collection 24 by Uber Chic, you can get it from Nail-Artisan for only £20.40. I really loved it and it was refreshing to see something different like the multi layered image on plate one.

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Bye for now x

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